TLJ 2.0 is a comprehensive year-long experience that creates a discussion leading up to and continue beyond the face-to-face meeting.

TLJ is LEARNING. Learning never stops. Emerging stars to experts and opinion leaders must keep learning to stay on top of their discipline. TLJ 2.0 provides value by producing concrete outcomes for all transplantation professionals.

Join us in producing new science at TLJ 2.0


The target audience for TLJ 2.0 includes all fields involved in health care and research with an affiliation in transplantation. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Transplant surgeons

  • Physicians from all fields with an involvement in transplantation

  • Coordinators, Nurses

  • Researchers in emerging fields (stem cells, artificial organs, tissue and organ regeneration)

  • General surgeons and clinicians with an interest in transplantation

  • Transplant scientists

  • Nutrition and rehabilitation specialists and coordinators

  • Transplant pharmacists

  • Patients* (patients are welcome to attend the Educational Stream on Day 1, 2 and 3 and will be invited to contribute to all consensus workstreams)


Six topics of discussion have been selected based on an extensive consultation process among ESOT Sections & Committees. The topics are the focus of the workstreams, each managed by leaders in the field, who will connect with peers and mentors. It is our goal to build an expanded network, trigger new research, collaboration, exchange and discussion.

The discussion starts in the workstreams and continues on site at TLJ 2.0 during the Consensus Workshops (WS) on Day 1. The outcomes are shared and presented at the plenary session for open discussion on Day 2. 



Led by ESOT Sections, the TLJ 2.0 programme targets all audiences. It features consensus workgroups, small mentoring sessions and keynote lectures, all connected seamlessly by ESOT’s innovative approach to meetings.


The ESOT Digital Outpatient Innovation Award aims to identify, recognise and support the best initiatives in digital outpatient management.

The ESOT Digital Outpatient Innovation Award is a unique opportunity to showcase digital outpatient projects linked to organ transplantation and to receive valuable advice from top experts as well as explore collaboration opportunities.

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