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27th EDTCO Congress and Workshops

Link and Lead A look in the future and the role of transplant coordinators


CETC examination: Wednesday, 7 November 2018

PRE-Congress Workshops: Thursday,  8 November 2018

27th EDTCO Congress: Friday, 9 November 2018 and 10 November 2018


Description & Aim

How is the job of the transplant coordinator changing? What’s new in the field and what are the challenges that transplant coordinators are facing today? What will be the challenges for the new generations? How to keep being the strong link and the lead of the donation and transplantation process?
EDTCO is proud to announce and invite you to the 27th EDTCO Congress.

The Congress programme draws on expertise across the fields of deceased organ and tissue donation: donor identification and evaluation; death determination; donor maintenance and optimization; family approach and family care; organ procurement, allocation and transportation; organ preservation and repair and all organizational aspects related with the donation process. Complemented with inspiring and hot topics in transplantation from living donors to provide an inspirational and high quality educational programme, delivered in the innovative style
that has become the hallmark of this event. State of the art lectures and the main hot topics in the field will alternate to abstract presentations of original research submitted to the Congress. There will be debates and discussions on contemporary issues and challenges in the field including themes like DCD donation; ethics and family consent; high risk donors; organ procurement,
preservation and transportation and national self-sufficiency to avoid organ trafficking and transplant tourism.



• Active donor detection: New approaches
• Donation as part of the end-of-life process
• Family approach and Family care: from hospital admittance to organ and tissue donation
• High risk donors: What’s new?
• DCD donation: pushing the limits. Protocols and experiences in different countries
• Organ retrieval and transportation: how to adapt organ retrieval to the sharing policy?
• DCD heart donation: experiences and future plans
• Ex vivo Organ Preservation: present evolution and the future
• Tissue donation and vascularized composite allograft
• Living donor advocate, coordination and protection
• Achieving self-sufficiency to avoid organ trafficking and tourism


Target Audience

Healthcare professionals involved in intensive care and emergency medicine, end of life care, organ and tissue donation, transplant coordination.
Patients and patients’ associations, family of patients and society representatives, EU commissioners and political representatives.


Educational Objectives

After attending this meeting, participants will be able to:
• Incorporate the concept of organ and tissue donation as an essential part of the end-of-life process
• Identify all possible organ and tissue donors and become part of an active trigger chain for donor referral
• Develop and improve organizational models to increase the organ donation rate in their own institutions
• Perform a careful and step-wise donor and organ evaluation to to decide about organ suitability
• Incorporate donor advocate in the living donation process and develop innovative ideas for paired donation and organ exchange


The European Organ Donation Congress offers each year the famous Pre-Congress Workshops; traditionally held the day before the official start of the Congress, on Thursday 8 November 2018.
Seats are limited to guarantee an active exchange of experience among participants and the Faculty.

Main Topics Assessed during the workshop activities
• Brain death diagnosing and donor optimization
• Evidence in donation and transplantation
• Organ recovery and organ allocation
• Living Donation


Attendees are invited to join these workshops if they want to learn…

• How to optimize donor management to improve organ suitability and transplantation results
• How to read and critically analyze published articles in donation and transplantation
• How to optimize, manage and coordinate multiorganic procurement processes
• How to promote living donor protection and develop new strategies for improving living donation
• How to develop and improve a DCD program in their own region


Who should attend these workshops?

Healthcare professionals involved in intensive care and emergency medicine, end of life care, organ and
tissue donation and transplant coordination



The 27th EDTCO as per tradition will host the exams for the Certifications of European Transplant Coordinators (CETC), under the auspices of the Division of Transplantation of the European Union of Medical Specialists – UEMS. We hope that many of you will take advantage of the opportunity to take the exams whilst attending the Congress.

Visit www.esot.org for more information.


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