About VCA Programme

VCA: A new field has matured


Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Description & Aim

The VCA (Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation) section of the ESOT is proud to announce for 2018 a brand new appointment for the Vascularized and Composite Allotransplantation Community.

This fresh new meeting will be dedicated to foster scientific and clinical developments in Europe in the field and aims to serve as a platform for scientists and clinicians for information exchange.
Specifically we will provide an update on the progress made in the field of VCA over the past two decades and highlight latest clinical developments. We will share insights and lessons learned from successful VCA programs on how to establish programs and embark on this specific type of transplants. In addition, long term outcomes and features of chronic rejection as recently observed in VCA will be discussed. Finally, we will provide an overview of hot topics in basic and translational research related to VCA as well as an outlook of novel technologies on the horizon to further advance this exciting area in transplantation.



• Establishing a successful VCA program: insights and lessions learned
• Chronic rejection and long-term outcomes in VCA
• What’s hot What’s new in basic and tranlational research related to VCA


Target Audience

Transplant surgeons, plastic and reconstuctive surgeons, transplant coordinators, transplant nurses, organ
procurement organization staff, basic scientists


Educational Objectives

After attending this meeting, participants will be able to:
• Understand indications and contra indications, team composition, logistical requirements to establish a VCA program
• Evaluate outcomes after VCA
• Gain insight into the pathophysiology of chronic rejection in VCA and its clinical implications
• Obtain an overview of latest research developments in the field


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