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YPT Best Bits and YPT Workshop

Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship



YPT Best Bits: every day, after the end of the last main session

YPT Workshop: Thursday, 8 November, 2018


Description & Aim of the workshop

This Workshop has been designed to support YPTs developing tech and innovation projects in the “start up” mindset. Some of the most important developments in medicine have come from those individuals who strive for innovation, this maybe a medical student working on an app in their bedroom through to a scientific group trying to identify a key biomarker that can predict the outcome of transplant.
This workshop is to support those who are trying to innovate and take their ideas to market. All of the talks and projects submitted will be focussed on trying to improve healthcare for patients.
The aim is to support people in the transplant world who are developing innovation in the following areas (but not limited to):

• App development • Algorithm, machine learning, artificial intelligence • Surgical instruments • Robotics • Patient monitoring.


Main Topics

• Taking your idea to market Business plan and funding strategies • Patents and IP: what to know when publishing, how to establish IP and its legal framework • How to build a team? • From prototype to production: how to define a market, scale production and sell your product • Social enterprise: how your ideas contribute to wider society – pros and cons • Current start ups tell their stories – success and fail (the Very Expanded Criteria Donor & Recipient).


Target Audience

Young Professionals in Transplantation and anyone who has an idea that wants to take into the healthcare systems.
Anybody who wants to better understand and learn how to construct a business plan, build a team for innovation and learn the tools to develop an idea into a prototype and to production.


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To Pre-register to the YPT workshop please send an email to: meetings@esot.org