WS01 – New Surrogate endpoints in transplantation

Back to the future of kidney transplantation
If the current pandemic teaches us one thing, it is likely this: we need to be better prepped for the future!
Currently, outcome of kidney transplantation is generally good on the short term, and large numbers of patients benefit from the achievements and improvements of the past 70 years. However, two main issues hamper the success of human-to-human kidney transplantation as treatment of kidney failure:

  • Scarcity of human organs (-> waiting lists, waiting time on dialysis, associated mortality)
  • Donor-recipient incompatibility (-> waiting time on dialysis, and lack of access to suitable kidney transplants with long-term functioning)

In order to overcome these issues, non-human kidney transplantation is proposed as an alternative, including animal-to-human (xeno-) transplantation, 3D organ printing, organ regeneration, lab-grown organs etc. Major advancements are being achieved in these fields in preclinical context, making these futuristic approaches increasingly attractive for testing in clinical conditions.

In order to prep for the future, we need to start thinking about how these futuristic approaches will be tested and implemented as valid alternative for current human-to-human transplantation. We need to define the inclusion criteria for such clinical trials and discuss the endpoints that will need to be achieved.

Learning objectives: coming soon

Target group: Anyone interested in new technologies to solve the idea of safely and successfully expanding the organ/kidney source.

    Workstream Leaders and Forum Moderators: Maarten Naesens and
    Stefan Schneeberger

    Group members: Georg Böhmig (Austria), Erik Berglund (Sweden), Emanuele Cozzi (Italy), Martin Hoogduijn (the Netherlands), Ina Jochmans (Belgium), James Neuberger (UK), Colin White (Ireland)


    Preliminary Activities:

    TLJ 2.0 PREPARATORY WEBINAR SERIES: WS01 – Prepping the kidney transplants of the future (6 July, 2020)
    View the webinar recording

    TLJ 2.0 PREPARATORY WEBINAR SERIES: WS01 – Solving the clinical, logistic and societal hurdles for disruptive technologies in kidney transplantation (26 October, 2020) 
    View the webinar recording

    Programme Activities:

    WS01 Report (20 min) + Live Q&A (10 min) – 15 November, 13:00-14:00 CET

    Focus on topic WS01 (15 min) + Live Q&A (15 min) 15 November, 15:30-16:30 CET