WS02 – CMV infection and disease

CMV infection is one of major complications following SOT, with significant impact on patient and graft survival. ESOT has conducted a survey in 2019 in order to obtain input from multiple centers on the strategies to diagnose, prevent and treat the infection. Some trends were observed, but additional questions and gaps were identified. The goal of the group will be to identify the gaps and engage discussion and propose prospective study.

Learning objectives:

  • Inform transplant community about results of 2019 ESOT survey on CMV Infections
  • Engage discussion on CMV monitoring gaps
  • Discuss guidelines and discrapencies for using them in different transplant centres
  • Propose prospective studies on most pressing gaps

Target group: Transplant ID physicians, transplant surgeons, cardiologists, nephrologists, hepatologists, pulmunologists, virologists

Leader: Paolo Grossi

Group members: Luciano Potena (Italy), Jose Maria Aguado (Spain), Nassim Kamar (France), Pilar Perez Romero (Spain)

Forum moderator: Maria Simonenko and Cristina Rovelli

Preliminary Activities:

TLJ 2.0 PREPARATORY WEBINAR SERIES: WS02 (Supported byMSD) – Monitoring of CMV infection in Transplant Recipients (18:00-19:00, 12 October, 2020)
View the webinar recording

Programme Activities:

WS02 Report (20 min) + Live Q&A (10 min) 15 November, 13:00-14:00 CET

Focus on topic WS02 (15 min)+ Live Q&A (15 min)15 November, 15:30-16:30 CET

Kindly supported by an unrestricted grant from industry.