WS07 – COVID-19 impact on transplantation and organ donation

Dear Colleagues,

ESOT has formed a working group to explore the way the COVID 19 pandemic has affected organ donation and transplantation (including the organ regeneration modalities) and the way it will shape the landscape of our vocation and practice in the years ahead of us.

The group will utilise current initiatives and resources in which ESOT has been a leader or a partner (registries, ESOT COVID 19 platform, webinars, collaboration with the scientific community etc.) as well as all available resources.

The aim is to offer a critical analysis of the available data and what has happened so far and offer a vision and recommendations for the future in an ongoing / dynamic way. The group will work in parallel with the other working groups for the ESOT TLJ 2.0 (Prague 15-16 November 2020) and we aim to refine, finalise and present its work at the TLJ 2.0.

We have invited Colleagues with different areas of interests and expertise and we also have patient representation. All the work of the group from now until TLJ 2.0 will take place on line. We welcome contributions and input from everyone, so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Learning objectives: Learn from experiences of different countries to be able to plan better for the future in Transplantation in the situation of a pandemic.

Target group: Clinicians/Patients/Pharmaceutical Industry

Leader: Vassilios Papalois

Group members: Liset Pengel (UK), Luca Segantini (Italy), Maria Irene Bellini (UK), Natalie Vallant (UK), Luciano Potena (Italy), Olivier Thaunat (France), Alexandre Loupy (France), Annemarie Weissenbacher (Austria), Lucrezia Furian (Italy), Wojtek Polak (The Netherlands), Ivan Knezevic (Slovenia), Julian de la Torre-Cisneros (Spain), Ellisiv Stifoss-Hansen (Norway), Peter Carstedt (Sweden), Katja
Kotsch (Germany), Nina Pilat-Michalek (Austria)

Forum moderator: Maria Irene Bellini and Vassilios Papalois

Preliminary Activities:

TLJ 2.0 PREPARATORY WEBINAR SERIES: WS07 -Management of Transplant Programs during the COVID-19 Pandemic
(30 June, 2020)
View the webinar recording

TLJ 2.0 PREPARATORY WEBINAR SERIES: WS07 – Liver transplantation and COVID-19: a joint ESOT-ELITA, ILTS, and EASL project
(13 July, 2020)
View the webinar recording

Kindly supported by an unrestricted grant from industry.