SS ECTTA – Heart and Lung

Functional drivers in the outcome of cardiothoracic transplantation
The focus will be on non-organ specific outcome related to critical care aspects and underlying morbidity

Burning questions for heart & lung transplantation 

The session will aim at asking questions relevant to heart and lung transplantation and presenting PROs & CONs. Audience will participate by live voting. This session aims to provide high quality education, but also to include provocative components and to be entertaining

Learning objectives
: coming soon

Target group: Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Pneumologists, Lung Transplant Surgeons

ECTTA Board members: Ivan Knezevic (Slovenia), Robin Vos (Belgium), Cristiano Amarelli (Italy), Massimo Boffini (Italy), Michiel Erasmus (Netherlands), Arne Neyrinck (Belgium), Johann Nielson (Sweden), Andreas Zuckermann (Austria).

Preliminary Activities:

TLJ 2.0 PREPARATORY WEBINAR SERIES: SS ECTTA – Burning questions for heart & lung transplantation (18:00-19:00, 10 November, 2020)
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