Cardiothoracic Topics

Machine perfusion in cardiothoracic transplantation

Machine perfusion of pulmonary and cardiac grafts has emerged as a very promising field in thoracic transplantation during the last decade. Especially in lung, but also in heart transplantation, we have been confronted with increasing literature regarding the potential to assess, preserve or even recondition thoracic grafts prior to transplantation. On one hand we should embrace this technology. However, on the other hand, remaining questions and industry driven approaches need to be critically evaluated. The field has developed towards a critical turning point where future targets need to be scientifically formulated. TLJ could serve as a perfect platform to address these issues among professionals and could contribute to formulate peer-driven priorities within the field based on a consensus document. This document could guide the field towards priorities regarding clinical and scientific questions. Also, the field of machine perfusion experiences more and more regional differences and ESOT could serve as a perfect platform regarding the European approach embedded in the international practice.

Machine perfusion of transplantable grafts is at the centre of innovation, availability of resources, interaction with the industry and the search of a more personalised approach regarding “organ treatment”. Clear targets are needed to justify the means and define what is needed to further develop this intriguing field in transplantation.

Topic Chair: Arne Neyrinck & Cristiano Amarelli

Topic Steering Committee: Marita Dalvindt, Stephan Clark, Massimo Boffini, Clemens Aigner, Bettina Wiegmann, Julien de Wolf, Sandro Sponga, David Gomez de Antonio, Stephan Ensminger, Martin Schweiger, Irene Bello