At TLJ 3.0, participants will be introduced to nine key transplantation topics following a systematic review. Delegates will convene for three days of high-quality debate, discussion and exploration in order to finalise a series of consensus reports that will be submitted for publication.

TLJ 3.0 Topics 


Carefully selected by the Scientific Committee, nine topics cover a selection of the most exciting and emerging themes in the transplantation field. Over a robust selection period lasting a few months, we identified and prioritised topics that will benefit from an in-depth analysis of current scientific evidence and, ultimately, provide the transplant community with solid consensus papers. The topics for TLJ 3.0 are as follows.  

Machine perfusion in cardiothoracic transplantation

Organ: Cardiothoracic

Histopathological analysis of pre-implantation donor kidney biopsy: redefining the role in the process of graft assessment

Organ: Kidney

The value of monitoring (subclinical) donor specific antibodies (DSAs) for kidney transplant outcomes

Organ: Kidney

Liver transplantation in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Organ: Liver

Clinical Endpoints in liver transplantation according to value based care

Organ: Liver

Downstaging, bridging and immunotherapy in liver transplantation for HCC

Organ: Liver

Role of pancreas machine perfusion to increase the donor pool for beta cell replacement

Organ: Pancreas

Prehabilitation for solid organ transplant candidates

Organ: Transversal

Molecular biology testing for non-invasive diagnosis of allograft rejection

Organ: Transversal


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