Organising Committee

Organising Committees

• Umberto Cillo – Conference Chair
• Raj Thuraisingham – Conference Co-Chair

Scientific Committee

• Ina Jochmans – Scientific Committee
• Liset Pengel – Scientific Committee
• Nuria Montserrat – Scientific Committee
• Nazia Selzner – Scientific Committee
• Annemarie Weissenbacher – TLJ 3.0 Conference Scientific Coordinator

ESOT Coordinators

• Devi Mey
• Justyna Klimek
• Irene Garcia
• Giovanna Rossi


ESOT Sections and Committees

ESOT would like to thank the following Section and Committees for their support towards TLJ 3.0:

The European Liver and Intestine Transplant Association (ELITA)
• The European Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association (EPITA)
• The European Kidney Transplant Association (EKITA)
The European Cardio Thoracic Transplant Association (ECTTA)
• The European Transplant Allied Health Professional (ETAHP)
• The European Donation and Transplant Coordination Association (EDTCO)
The ESOT Education Committee
• Young Professionals in Transplantation (YPT)

Organising Secretariat

ESOT Office
Riviera dei Mugnai,
8/24 35137 Padova – Italy
+39 049 859 7652

Scientific Programme Manager

Justyna Klimek

Senior Project Manager

Giovanna Rossi

Partnership Manager

Irene Garcia