EU TRAIN Statistical Course

The development, validation and reporting of a prediction model

14:00, 15 November 2022, Prague, Czech Republic


Prediction models are developed to help health care providers in estimating the probability or risk that a specific disease or condition is present (diagnostic models) or that a specific event will occur in the future (prognostic models), to inform their decision-making. A full and clear reporting of information on all aspects of a prediction model is mandatory to assess the risk of bias and the potential usefulness of the model.

The aim of this statistical course is to provide the main guidelines to correctly develop, validate and transparently report a prediction model. This course will be illustrated by multiple examples on biomarkers-based predictive models and molecular classifiers, which are widely developed fields of research in transplantation.

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The audience for this course includes physicians, researchers and transplant scientists from all fields with an involvement in transplantation, transplant and general surgeons, and transplant scientists. Patients are also welcome to attend the activities of the workshop.

Course Chairs: Alexandre Loupy, Oriol Bestard